What we do

Wollemi Consulting provides consulting services specialising in energy, renewable solutions and business strategy.

  • We act as a consultant to large energy users, and have expertise in energy use, generation and new energy technology. We provide a unique perspective on how to manage energy risks.
  • We also work with project developers to bring renewable projects into being.
  • We provide support to owners of renewable technology, helping them negotiate with equipment and service providers to maximise financial returns.

Everyone knows that energy costs have risen substantially over the past few years, and that most of these cost rises have been outside our control. But that doesn’t mean we must accept it – the question is: what to do?

Wollemi works closely with clients to help them understand how and when they use energy, and then form a coherent strategy to let them take control of their costs and supply security.

Energy Efficiency

We help customers understand where energy is being used, and how this impacts on energy costs. As we are fond of saying, “the cheapest kilowatthour is the one you don’t use”.

Solar and Batteries

Many companies are asking: “Will putting solar on my roof make financial sense?” and “We hear that batteries are the next big thing – should invest in them?” We help them answer these questions with rigorous analysis to model a range of relevant scenarios. We also help determine the right financial structure to meet their needs, including the landlord if they exist.


We help companies understand the dynamics of the Australian energy industry, and how they can manage their risk exposure through smarter purchasing strategies.

Project Developers

We work with project developers to help move their project from concept through to financial close.

Project Owners

We provide support to renewable energy asset owners to ensure their project is delivered and maintained to realise the financial objectives.

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