Owner’s Engineer – Sunshine Coast Solar Farm

Since late 2015, I have been working with the Sunshine Coast Council as Owner’s Engineer to assist construction of their 15MW-AC solar farm.

While Downer have been responsible for the design, procurement and construction of the project, I have been able to support Council officers as they oversee Downer’s execution. This has included:

  • development of performance guarantee subcontract conditions
  • design development reviews
  • site inspections
  • analysis and opinion on information provided by Downer
  • identification of construction defects prior to practical completion
  • assistance to overcome onerous Generator Performance Standard conditions
  • analysis and opinion on yield calculations, including PV-SYST parameters appropriate for performance guarantee evaluation
  • evaluation and review of O&M specification

It has been highly rewarding to see this project develop from concept into a completed power station, offsetting 100% of Council’s annual electricity requirements and saving millions of dollars compared to business-as-usual. More details can be found¬†here.

Sunshine Coast Solar Farm construction aerial

Sunshine Coast Solar Farm construction aerial (image courtesy Sunshine Coast Council)


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